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At Grufesco, we are specialists in the production of natural orange juice. Our strength is being part of the Gustavo Ferrada Group with more than 60 years or experience in the production, commercialization and export of citrus fruits.



We are committed to the environment and our surroundings, which is why we collaborate with local farmers who provide us with local raw materials and work to offer maximum food safety as well as to reduce the impact on the environment with sustainable packaging.

Made in Valencia

Made in Valencia

Our privileged location in the Valencian Community allows us to obtain the oranges to squeeze Valencian juice daily. 100% Natural Juice, produced only with fresh oranges.
– No Additives, No preservatives
No food colouring, No concentrates,
No added sugars

Orange Juice

Orange Juice
Orange Juice

Natural Fruit Juices

natural juices ingredients
Natural Fruit Juice
Natural Fruit Juice
Natural Fruit Juice3l

Bio Juices

bio juice 250ml
bio juice



Grated Tomato

grated tomato
EURO PALET 5L 3L 2L 1L 750ml* 250ml*
Units 140 250 330 720 600 1.832
liters 700 750 660 720 450 459
Height (m) 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.4 1.22 1.22
Dimension (m) 0.8*1.2 0.8*1.2 0.8*1.2 0.8*1.2 0.8*1.2 0.8*1.2
Gross weight 725 775 685 745 478 489
nÂș bases 4 5 5 5 4 6
Boxes 100 306


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