Refreshing and delicious and intriguingly different so I will be back for more.

Steve F, UK

The wine is dry in an attractive way. It has a nice soft compact bubble. And the presentation is also very nice with the colour of water.

Eric N - Netherlands

A very interesting experience for a person rather accustomed to French champagne. A slightly fruity taste, a great discovery to share with friends.

Stephen R.D - France

The wine was very good indeed, clear, crisp and fresh. Great for special occasion. 

Pippa G, UK

That beverage is wicked! Don’t change a thing. 

Laurent E, France

I enjoyed the taste but what was mindblowing to me was the idea to product such a fine product from birch. I can’t wait to surprise my friends with such an exotic Nordic product.

Tomaso S - France

We enjoyed the wine very much! It was not sweet, as I had feared, and had a crisp finish to it. 

Ann W, UK

I would like to thank you and all of them that works hard to make this wonderful product.

Ashley W, UK

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