Pomace Olive Oil

Pomace Olive oil

High Monounsaturated fats content Ideal for deep frying

Pomace olive oil is the second best vegetable oil after olive oils. It doesn’t alter the properties of food and has content in Monounsaturated fats, and oleic acid and also has bioactive components and antioxidants that might have potential benefits for health.

Highly resistant to oxidants makes it optimal for frying. Cost effectiveness can be used over 2 times than most commonly used vegetable oils. Better grease absorption, so fried food has less calories.

Pomace Olive Oil 1 L
Pomace 5 L

We are passionate about Olive oil production and we strive to modernize and improve continuously our production process to obtain the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Our Pomace Olive Oils are produced from our own Alpeorujo, in a sustainable process that reduces carbon emission and is environmentally friendly, Pomace Olive Oil has bioactive compounds that maintain potential benefits for health.

Pomace Olive Oil
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