Panda Gin

Certificated Certisys / 100% Organic.

Panda is an award-winning premium gin that is distilled and bottled in Belgium. It is wholly organic and is the first gin worldwide to feature litchis. The delicate litchi flavour is complemented by other ingredients including cherry, orange zest, basil, rosemary, Chinese badian, juniper berries, and pure water from the High Fens.

The harmony between these ingredients give Panda gin a subtle but powerful essence, together with delicate and refined overtones. Discover Panda on the rocks, with a tonic or in a cocktail.

As for food paring, given that it is gin, it is more of an aperitif alcohol. Organic Gin goes well with all that is good!


Delicate attack with sweetness and lightness evolving towards a warm and fruity blooming.


A distillate with crystalline reflections.


Refreshing and fruity bouquet owes its subtlety and complexity to the secret mix of many spices and herbs selected by hand.


Best enjoyed naturally, so as to unleash the full power of its fragrances, but is also an ideal base for cocktails and the classic gin & tonic.

Panda Tonic

Panda Negroni

Panda Fashioned

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