Lehe Brewery

Lehe Brewery is established in 2013 and this is the place where exciting, delicious and unique craft beers are born. Our brewery in Keila is one of the first breweries in Estonia and by now our wide selection of beers has found fans both in Estonia and abroad. The story of Lehe Brewery is today the story of tens of thousands of beer lovers, our partners and our people.

Lehe product portfolio includes non-alcoholic, sour and lager beers, as well as a number of exciting IPAs, porters and stouts, and our favourites – barrel aged beers for true beer lovers.

We like to experiment. We were the first craft brewery to come out with non-alcoholic beer and we have brewed the strongest natural fermented beer in Estonia – MY HEART IS IN THE HIGHLANDS, ABV 21.9%. We come to work every day to learn something. To come up with something new and to do something new. We have a relentless interest in knowing what is behind the horizon. Each answer found brings up 3 new questions. 5 new ideas for each brewed beer.

Little Yellow Dragon 4.0% CAN

Spiced Sour Ale

“Little Yellow Dragon” is a sour ale, inspired by Asian cuisine.

Experience: First, there is turmeric. As you pour out beer, it takes a bold position in aroma and color of the beer. And there is a good reason to be bold; turmeric boosts unique and bold flavor.

Although turmeric dominates the aroma, it leaves plenty of room in flavor for strong sourness from WildBrew Sour Pitch bacteria.

In the middle, finally, malt manages to break through and provide some malty sweetness. If you are careful, you can spot green tea cautiously peeking out behind the corner.

In the end, it’s turmeric again. This time it’s less intense, more peppery and mingling along with a fruity and citrusy side of lacto fermentation.

The World Is Your Oyster 8.5%

Imperial Sour Ale

Seafood has always been challenging partner for a beer. Yes, few beers can carry the burden, but it still required some reservations. We brewed this beer to be the perfect match for seafood. It’s crisp, strong and sour that didn’t fit under existing beer styles, so we invented new style – “imperial sour ale.”

“Why then the world’s mine oyster Which I with sword will open.” – The Merry Wives Of Windsor Act 2, scene 2, 2–5

Experience: Straw yellow beer with a bright white fluffy head that quickly disappears to nothing but few white spots.

In the aftertaste, there is long lasting fruity sourness turning slowly tart.

It pairs wonderfully with seafood. We recommend Gillardeau oysters.

Typical Tropical 4.5% CAN

Pale Ale

Hazy pale yellow coloured beer with a nice bright white head.

First nose is tropical, fruity, citrusy and refreshing. Sweet orange, pineapple, passionfruit in aroma. First taste is juicy and fruity. Lots of bittersweet juicy fruitiness in taste – sweet citrus, yellow stonefruits, hints of passionfruit. Long bittersweet juicy aftertaste.

Typical Tropical is typical tropical pale ale with typical tropical hops and typical tropical label design. Typical Tropical is a perfect thirst-quencher and pairs nicely with lighter salads and seafood.

Recommended serving temperature 5-6C degrees

Damage Report

Mini IPA

Breakfast menu: Galaxy, Idaho 7, Mosaic.

Cloudy pale yellow beer with small white head, leaves nice lacing.

Aroma is fresh hoppy, tropical fruity, slightly citrussy. Juicy melon, pineapple and bittersweet lime peel in first nose. More bitter and resinous notes in background.

First taste is tropical fruity, bittersweet – citrus peels, pineapple, whitecurrant .Tropical bittersweet fruitiness in aftertaste.

Beer is surprisingly full-bodied in spite of low ABV. Well balanced tropical hoppy flavours make it really good thirst quencher, but it suits perfectly aswell with different seafood. It’s worth to try Damage Report with pan-fried tiger prawns with ginger and chili.

Recommended serving temperature 4-6C

Via Lactea Nebula 6.8% CAN


Really hoppy, typical of style aroma. First nose is ripe citrussy – orange peel, grapefruit. Piney, resinous notes in background.

First taste is juicy, lively and citrussy, soursweet grapefruit and orange juice. Middle taste is rather creamy and full-bodied. Hoppy bitter intensive resinous flavours in middle taste. Aftertaste is rather dry, long and intensive – hoppy, resinous, citrussy mouthfilling hop explosion.

Via Lactea Nebula is really hoppy, but perfectly balanced rich IPA, which suits perfectly as thirst-quencher for hop-heads, but aswell with really spicy food.

Recommended serving temp 5-6C degrees.

Ravnodenstvie 11% Bottle

Russian Imperial Stout

The rich imperial stout which was brewed with chocolate malt and flavoured with Madagascar vanilla was born from the co-operation with the brewmaster from St. Petersburg.

This proud beer might have fit to the tables of the Czar’s court in the old days but the aficionados of craft beers are entitled to enjoy it nowadays.

Red and Black

Raspberry Porter

Bright red temptation, dark desires, and a dash of sane mind controlling it all.

The bitter temptation of dark chocolate is mixed with the passion of the bright red raspberry.

Experience: The light brown head is filling the glass, and thick foam will stay as warm carpet covering deep black nectar in the glass. The aroma will start strong as chocolate malt but after hesitation gives way to raspberries and dewberries.

In the end, hops will arrive with armored medevac vehicle, load all that’s left, and drive south. From the high hill, you can see them slowly driving away on the long winding roads.

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