Gran Chaco

Gran Chaco Ron is a 100% organic rum, distilled
in Paraguay, aged in oak barrels for 3 years and
filtered on orange peel and cinnamon.

Discover a generous rum with wooden fragrances
and subtly fruity. Gran Chaco is a region that
harbors the largest dry forest in Latin America,
and passes through Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and

This tropical climate is ideal for the sugar cane
culture farming, which is ecologically harvested
and benefits from a natural water runoff.


Delicious and silky, the wide aroma reveals warm and sweet spicy notes of orange, cinnamon and dried fruits


A gold-colored rum with amber reflections


Strong and delicate nose with nice notes of caramelized and toasted fruit


The Gran Chaco Ron should preferably be enjoyed plain and
at room temperature, so as to fully unleash the full power of its scents and aromas, but also constitutes an ideal base for cocktails.

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